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Title Presenter/s Date
Day 3 - Transformation keynote address Ian Anderson 23 Mar 2017
Day 3 - Transformation keynote address Virginia Hart 23 Mar 2017
A regional approach to Alcohol Management in Northern Australia: Mobility, supply chains and community control Prof Marcia Langton 22 Mar 2017
Day 2 - Engagement: Keynote Chair/Commentator Prof Tom Calma 22 Mar 2017
Day 2 - Engagement keynote address: Indigenous child protection Prof Cindy Shannon 22 Mar 2017
Day 2 - Engagement keynote address: transformative research and self-determination Moana Jackson 22 Mar 2017
Day 1 - Impact keynote address: Things have got to change Pat Anderson AO 21 Mar 2017
Day 1 - Impact keynote address: The ethics of engagement Prof Michael Dodson AM 21 Mar 2017
Cultural Competency Craig Ritchie 21 Mar 2017
We want to learn more about our Country and culture and how to look after it Cherry Wulumirr Daniels, Melissa Andrews, Ernest Junior Daniels, Dr Emilie Ens 3 Jun 2016
Aboriginal rights to water: WA reform and opportunity Darren Forster 3 Jun 2016
2016 Mabo Lecture Melissa George 3 Jun 2016
On country, online: using technology to support management of native title by native title holders Raelene Webb QC 3 Jun 2016
Keeping Culture Alive: the Badu plant and animal traditional knowledge project Manuel Nomoa, Alick Tipoti 3 Jun 2016
Substantial Constitutional Reform and Indigenous Rights Prof Megan Davis, Rachel Perkins, Sam Watson 3 Jun 2016
Understanding cultural flows: a coordinated research effort in pursuit of Aboriginal water rights Michael Anderson, Darren Perry 3 Jun 2016
Pormpuraaw ILUA Kirstin Malyon, Jenny Humphris 3 Jun 2016
Sharing our stories: a youth perspective 3 Jun 2016
Aboriginal agriculture Bruce Pascoe 3 Jun 2016
Saibai Mekem gardening project: developing long term sustainability and wellbeing of Saibai community Paul Kabai, Keri Akiba, Herbert Warusam 3 Jun 2016
Canberra to Cape Bedford: using historical photo archives for better land management Kayannie Denigan, Harold Ludwick 3 Jun 2016
Native title agreements: Income tax and GST scenarios Peter Seidel, Bridgid Cowling, Neil Brydges 3 Jun 2016
Creating a national caring for country archive Dr Rod Kennett, Hmalan Hunter-Xenie, Ewan Maidment 3 Jun 2016
Pre-determination ILUAs and the possibility of implosion Charles Gregory 3 Jun 2016
Walbunja Fishing Rights Danny Chapman, Tony McAvoy SC, Kathryn Ridge 3 Jun 2016
Dangerous ideas Bruce Pascoe, Mick Gooda, Alison Page, Dr Dawn Casey 3 Jun 2016
Investing for a better future Rajiv Viswanathan, Les Fallick , John Sheldon, Kate George 3 Jun 2016
Native title benefits in future act agreements: what is the best model? Nick Testro, Robert Sowerby 3 Jun 2016
Everyday acts of resurgence Prof Gerald Taiaiake Alfred, Prof Jeff Corntassel, Dr Lisa Strelein 3 Jun 2016
Developing a National Indigenous Land & Sea Managers Network Melissa George 3 Jun 2016
Ancestors teaching us anew Neil Carter, Ned David, Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Major Summer, Ailie Smith 2 Jun 2016
Economic development for remote communities Michael Chiodo 2 Jun 2016
Land Claims, Reconciliation, and the Resurgence of Indigenous Nationhood Prof Gerald Taiaiake Alfred 2 Jun 2016
Pressure points and leverage in negotiating a just native title settlement Michael Pagsanjan 2 Jun 2016
The Northern Land Council and the courts: a legal history Kirsty Howey 2 Jun 2016
I’ve not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that didn't work: supporting community build self-sufficient longevity Craig Allen 2 Jun 2016
Pressure points and leverage in negotiating a just native title settlement Michael Pagsanjan 2 Jun 2016
Bush Tucker Sovereignty? The ethics of recognition in the native food industry Dr Charlotte Craw 2 Jun 2016
Land tenure and development in the Territory Leanne Evans 2 Jun 2016
The economic benefits of being on country and future enterprise opportunities Dr Kamaljit Sangha, Prof Jeremy Russell-Smith 2 Jun 2016
What lies beyond that high water mark Keith Rory, Lorrae McArthur 2 Jun 2016
Freehold: is it all it’s cracked up to be? Geoffrey Winters 2 Jun 2016
History of Land rights in the Northern Territory David Ross 2 Jun 2016
Moving from emissions reductions to sequestration for savanna burning: trick or treat? Jeremy Dore 2 Jun 2016
Renaming places: Yindyamarra-gu Wiradyuri Dinawan Djirribang, Joylene Simpson, Gary Rush 2 Jun 2016
Indigenous fishing issues Robert 'Bo' Carne, Matthew Osborne, Kenny Bedford, Wally Stewart, Stan Lui 2 Jun 2016
Olkola’s journey to independence Michael Ross, Karrell Ross, Debbie Symonds, Amanda Hogbin 2 Jun 2016
Land Rights the current situation Samuel Bush-Blanasi, Tony Wurramarrba, Francis Jupurrurla Kelly, Gibson Farmer Illortaminni 2 Jun 2016
Native title: community engagement, empowerment and self-determination Jim Cyngler, Jim Davis 2 Jun 2016
Embedding traditional knowledge in nationally accredited qualifications Erica McCreedy, Stanley Djalarra Rankin 2 Jun 2016
Towards an understanding of a land-based Aboriginal economy in NSW: Is the Aboriginal Land Rights Act a better option than Native Title? Dr Heidi Norman 2 Jun 2016
Car parks over cultural heritage: the Djiru story Christine Hart, Chris Harriss 2 Jun 2016
Indigenous rights and nation building 40 years on: the Aboriginal Land Rights Act Samuel Bush-Blanasi, Joe Morrison 2 Jun 2016
A tribute to Galarrwuy Yunupingu Jack Ah Kit, Prof Michael Dodson AM 2 Jun 2016
Has anyone seen the Model Litigant? David Saylor 2 Jun 2016
Building a sustainable economy by deployed Aboriginal assets for long term wealth creation Prof Marcia Langton 2 Jun 2016
Principles practiced in transcending from agreements to practicing rights and interests on country Peter Donohoe, Julie Clyn, Janelle Trotman 2 Jun 2016
Back to country Bob Mumbler, Bing (Glen) Morris 2 Jun 2016
A judicial perspective on native title Justice Debra Mortimer 2 Jun 2016
Queensland v. Congoo: what now for the law on extinguishment? Patrick Graham 2 Jun 2016
Free, prior and informed consent and native title Angus Frith, Laurelea McGregor 2 Jun 2016
Independent directors: skill meets need Anthony Beven, Rick Callaghan, Bernie Yates, Graham Patterson, Priscilla Collins 2 Jun 2016
Ugar traditional boundaries project Sereako Stephen, James McNamera 2 Jun 2016
‘We have to protect this place’: returning to Nyimili to record and transfer cultural knowledge Frida Blom, Kirsty Anderson-Bonavia, Marlon Cooke, Tom Kimber, Roy Tommy 2 Jun 2016
Applicant’s viewpoint: Tracing Native Title governance - Conception to determining Traditional Owner futures Scott Gorringe 1 Jun 2016
Indigenous Property Rights and Economic Development Mick Gooda 1 Jun 2016
Ngurrara 2 way learning project Brendan Fox , Peter Murray 1 Jun 2016
Traditional, instinctive, elementary: the model litigant standard in native title Tessa Herrmann 1 Jun 2016
Sustainable development through asset leasing Graeme Smith, Ray McInnes, Gordon Noonan 1 Jun 2016
Native title and long term, secure and tradeable land tenure Zoe Ramsay, Wayne Bergmann 1 Jun 2016
Women are the womb of the nation. We have equal rights to run the country! Mary Graham, Amelia Kunoth-Monks, Cheryl Kitchner, Joann Schmider 1 Jun 2016
Developing guidelines for managing information in native title Alexandra Andriolo, Melany Laycock, Janet Osborne 1 Jun 2016
Native title benefits in future act agreements: options for payments in and payments out in a post-boom world Jonathan Kneebone, Nick Testro 1 Jun 2016
The Northern Territory Land Rights Act: local decision making, the role of land councils and recent developments in township leasing Michael O'Donnell 1 Jun 2016
Unlocking the potential of the Indigenous estate Eddie Fry 1 Jun 2016
Title fights, succession planning and capacity building Craig Allen 1 Jun 2016
Native title work: tracking community time and labour Dr Belinda Burbidge, Jeremy Clark 1 Jun 2016
Digital tracking: preserving culture in the internet era Dr Michael Bennett 1 Jun 2016
Brian Wyatt Memorial Lecture Glen Kelly 1 Jun 2016
Commercial opportunities from Native Title: The Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara peoples’ journey to economic benefit Ian Crombie, John Hender 1 Jun 2016
The future of native title: a youth perspective 1 Jun 2016
Supporting best practice in native title research into the future Dr Pamela McGrath 1 Jun 2016
The Far West Coast Experience April Lawrie, Peter Miller, Barry (Jack) Johncock 1 Jun 2016
Justice denied: winning the battle but losing the war. The battle for economic independence and self-determination by the Wik and Wik Way people Richie Ah Mat 1 Jun 2016
Making agreements work Dr Tran Tran, Stacey Little, Hema Hariharan 1 Jun 2016
Knowledge Partnerships Brooke St James 1 Jun 2016
Unlocking the potential of the Indigenous estate Eddie Fry 1 Jun 2016
Native title and compensation: lessons learned in Timber Creek Michael O'Donnell, Lorraine Jones, Alan Griffiths 1 Jun 2016
What's new in the ABS' Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistical Program? Su Maharaj, Mary Jackson 26 Aug 2015
What's new in the ABS' Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistical Program? 26 Aug 2015
Baskets Hold a History Alana Garwood-Houng 27 Jul 2015
Indigenous Knowledge and Voice in American Higher Education Shelly Lowe 8 Jul 2015
Nation Building through the Noongar Native Title Settlement: reflections on the agreement how and why it came about, what's in it and what it will do Glen Kelly 18 Jun 2015
Learning from an evaluation of the CLC’s Community Development Program Francis Jupurrurla Kelly, David Ross, Danielle Campbell 18 Jun 2015
Places and pathways: capturing and sharing stories of who we are using mobile apps John Tregea 18 Jun 2015
Community-based commercial fishing Leonard Bowaynu, Warrick Angus 18 Jun 2015
Indigenous land reform: when is freehold better than leasehold? Dr Leon Terrill 18 Jun 2015
Future proofing Indigenous investment Shamal Daas 18 Jun 2015
Untangling Indigenous governance: the need for coordination and collaboration Toni Bauman, Robynne Quiggin 18 Jun 2015
Yawuru IPA: linking cultural and biodiversity management with pastoral objectives Dean Matthews, Dr Bruce Dorran 18 Jun 2015
In pursuit of a regional, reciprocal responsibility, settlement for Cape York: what is the right package of reforms for Indigenous social, political, economic and cultural development? Noel Pearson 18 Jun 2015
Carbon farming agribusiness on Aboriginal lands Rowan Foley 18 Jun 2015
Single native title claim for Cape York and the Cape York Framework Adam McLean, Michael Ross 18 Jun 2015
What does it take to occupy and exclude? Greg McIntyre 18 Jun 2015
Recent developments: a bundle of one Robert Blowes 18 Jun 2015
Rethinking Indigenous governance model/s David Evans 18 Jun 2015
Caring for country and culture: rock-hole rehabilitation and feral goat control Alexandra Vickery, Clifford Woodford 18 Jun 2015
Mapping Ngukkur knowledge Maritza Roberts, Pollyann Ponto 18 Jun 2015
Empowered communities: creating a structure for Indigenous empowerment Fiona Jose 18 Jun 2015
The extinguishment of native title: a revolution in principle David Yarrow 18 Jun 2015
Torres Strait Native Title Sea Rights and Malu Lamar Maluwap Nona, Jerry Stephen, Nazareth Fauid 18 Jun 2015
The FSC Standard: Cultural Capability in Native Title Services Trevor Pearce, Christian Gergis 18 Jun 2015
Achieving socio-cultural outcomes and aspirations through Māori economic development: An insight from Ngāti Awa Chief Judge Layne Harvey, Rāwiri Tinirau, Prof Annemarie Gillies 18 Jun 2015
Dawul Wuru enterprise development Gavin Singleton 18 Jun 2015
Is the non-claimant process unfair to native title holders when used to freehold pastoral and agricultural term leases in Queensland Jennifer Jude, Martin Dore, Jim Hackett 18 Jun 2015
Gender and generation in native title: director demographics and the future of prescribed bodies corporate Geoff Buchanan 18 Jun 2015
Dangerous Ideas Tim Wilson , Bruce Martin, Wayne Bergmann, Ricky Archer, Dr Lisa Strelein 18 Jun 2015
Gaining momentum: Victoria under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act Graham Atkinson, Matthew Storey 18 Jun 2015
The Esperance Nyungar ILUA Gail Reynolds-Adamson, Annie Dabb 18 Jun 2015
Getting to yes; or no: thinking about how to better case manage native title proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia Justice Michael Barker 18 Jun 2015
Noongar Boodja Trust: a historic settlement Adam Levin, Glen Kelly 18 Jun 2015
Cultural Conservation Enterprises as a Pathway for PBC Autonomy Ariadne Gorring, Polly Grace 18 Jun 2015
From ranger to tour guide: the Gulf experience Murrandoo Yanner, Terrance Taylor, Paul Richardson 18 Jun 2015
Good Indigenous governance and effective native title management: travelling companions on the road to Self Determination Kevin Smith 18 Jun 2015
Indigenous investment principals Robynne Quiggin, David Murray, Nolan Hunter 18 Jun 2015
Historic Tenure and Native Title – Sharing the Knowledge, Sharing the Future Raelene Webb, Mark McInerney, Lisa Eaton 18 Jun 2015
Old is the new Warren Mundine 17 Jun 2015
Lifting the Bar -Benchmark Agreement making in the Kimberley Wayne Bergmann, Zoe Ramsay, Rob Houston 17 Jun 2015
Statutory land use planning in Cape York: the make or brake of the local and regional economy Dr Sharon Harwood 17 Jun 2015
Imagining the Indigenous Land Owner: a history of sympathetic speculation since 1966 Prof Tim Rowse 17 Jun 2015
Connection to country: review of the Native Title Act Robyn Gilbert 17 Jun 2015
Who minds the miners Graeme Smith, Gordon Noonan, Dr Stuart Phillpot, Prof Kerry Jacobs 17 Jun 2015
Securing the grand bargain for future generations Dr Dawn Casey 17 Jun 2015
Martu Leadership Program Billy Landy, Nyari Morgan, McLean Williams, Galvin Roberts, Lindsay Crusoe, Andrew Minyardie, Stewart Watson, Tim Schneider 17 Jun 2015
Pursuing sustainable development in the face of careless mining Jacky Green, Dr Seán Kerins 17 Jun 2015
National Native Title Tribunal: building strong working relationships and agreements Steve Edwards, Kate Madden, Clair Berman-Robinson 17 Jun 2015
A new conversation regarding Indigenous land and economic development Mick Gooda 17 Jun 2015
Independence in the boardroom Anthony Beven 17 Jun 2015
Addressing Australia's Indigenous cultural heritage site management crisis: stop the destruction! Dave Johnston 17 Jun 2015
Using the levers. Native title, the environment and economic development on Cape York Frankie Deemal, Terry Piper 17 Jun 2015
The trial and terrors of the Indigenous Advancement Scheme Mick Gooda 17 Jun 2015
Making sense of climate change and its impacts with Indigenous people in the Mackay Whitsunday region Dr Ilisapeci Lyons, Gary Mooney 17 Jun 2015
How is Traditional Owner Cultural Leadership Different? The Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples’ Alliance Bama Marrja Leadership Program 2013 Robyn Bellafquih, Prof Allan Dale, Joann Schmider, Edward Watkin 17 Jun 2015
How are we dealing with difference and conflict? Toni Bauman, Scott Gorringe, Cath Elderton, Tony Kelly, Tim Wishart, Jim Cyngler 17 Jun 2015
Diasporic connection to country and performing for the state: native title recognition in remote South West Queensland Diana Romano 17 Jun 2015
Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal freehold and national parks – agreements and achievements Eric Wason, Carol Kinnaird 17 Jun 2015
Knowing rights, knowing country using Indigenous research methodologies Leah Talbot, Dr Rosemary Hill, Prof Hurriyet Babacan 17 Jun 2015
Creating environmental economy & sustainable land development Dale Mundraby, Dewayne Mundraby, Vincent Mundraby 17 Jun 2015
It may not be broke but it can still be fixed: Victoria’s Aboriginal Heritage Act Rodney Carter 17 Jun 2015
Victorian Traditional Owner Water Policy Framework Darren Perry 17 Jun 2015
Yulleroo Due Diligence – Fracking Glenn Archer, Dean Matthews, Dr Bruce Dorran 16 Jun 2015
Legal obligations regarding native title litigation materials Angus Frith 16 Jun 2015
The work of rights: the Nyangumarta people's journey to native title and independence Nyaparu Margaret Rose, Pamela Faye McGrath 16 Jun 2015
The paradox of the Tasmanians Emma Lee 16 Jun 2015
Evolving Native Title Services Simon Hawkins 16 Jun 2015
Indigenous constitutional recognition: reform to guarantee the Indigenous voice in Parliament’s law-making with respect to Indigenous affairs Zoe Ellerman, Harold Ludwick 16 Jun 2015
Protecting and managing native title information for traditional owners Troy Mallie, Damein Bell, Dr Tom Jenkin, Joann Schmider 16 Jun 2015
Celebrating the Cultural Values of this Australian Rainforest Region World Heritage Area Robyn Bellafquih, Prof Allan Dale, Bruce Prideaux, Jim Turnour, Phil Rist, Sonya Jeffrey, Joann Schmider, Anja Pabel 16 Jun 2015
From boardroom to kitchen table: shifting the power seat of Aboriginal governance Emma Lee 16 Jun 2015
Implementing structures for supporting independence – PBCs and Rep Body collaborations, a Kimberley perspective Erika Blades, Albert Cox, Lynette Shaw, Thomas Dick, Danielle Mills, Phillip Sibosado, Eugenia Leslie-George, Tony Fitzgerald, Cissy Gore Birch 16 Jun 2015
Outcomes from a workshop on managing information in native title Ludger Dinkler 16 Jun 2015
Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) Toolkit Program Partnership Ian Kuch, Brad Foster, Claire Stacey 16 Jun 2015
Kings Return to Grass Castles: the Future of Aboriginal Pastoralism Jim Hackett, Martin Dore, Tim Wishart 16 Jun 2015
Consistent Failure: Why an Ever Changing Government Policy is Detrimental to Native Title Garry Pappin, Cynthja Pappin 16 Jun 2015
Organising Aboriginal Governance: Pathways to Self-determined Success in the Northern Territory, Australia Dr Diane E. Smith 16 Jun 2015
Seventeen souls: the battle to repatriate our old people from overseas institutions Greg Brown, Leah Cameron 16 Jun 2015
The social economic and cultural opportunities of native title The Hon Fred Chaney AO, Harvey Murray, Ian Rawlings 16 Jun 2015
A fractured issue – how the CLC is facilitating informed decisions around unconventional oil and gas Anthony Alexopoulos 16 Jun 2015
Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation: our experiences of native title Mary-Anne Port, Jim Turnour 16 Jun 2015
COAG Investigation into Indigenous Land Administration and Use Wayne Bergmann, Brian Wyatt, Dr Valerie Cooms, Craig Cromelin, Shirley McPherson, Maluwap Nona, Murrandoo Yanner, Djawa Yunupinju 16 Jun 2015
A reimagined future: Indigenous nations within the nation state Damein Bell, Dr Miriam Jorgensen, Dr Alison Vivian 16 Jun 2015
Foundations, building blocks and structures: ethical and governance considerations in native title outcomes Lui Ned David, Doug Passi, Megan Brayne, Emily Gerrard 16 Jun 2015
Kincha and the Council: decision making processes, the old and the new Wayne Butcher 16 Jun 2015
Our future, Yarrabah way Vincent Mundraby, Elverina Johnson, Sue Andrews 16 Jun 2015
Native Title Decisions under the PBC Regulations - Unshackling the constraints imposed upon PBCs Kelly Thomas-Greer, Craig Reiach 16 Jun 2015
The SA Royal Commission into nuclear: has the nuclear door been opened and what does it mean? Matthew Moharich, Charles Gregory 16 Jun 2015
The Closure of Aboriginal Communities Nolan Hunter, Brian Wyatt, Simon Hawkins 16 Jun 2015
Constitution, treaties and sovereignty Mick Gooda 16 Jun 2015
Tips and traps for PBC rule books Dr Tom Jenkin, Michael Pagsanjan 16 Jun 2015
Reflections on Research Practice: Implications of the Victorian Traditional Owner Settlement Act Dr Timothy Pilbrow 16 Jun 2015
The missing piece of infrastructure: Indigenous dispute management, agreement making and decision-making services Toni Bauman 9 Jun 2015
A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Committee - the economic case for local dispute management services Rhiân Williams, Greg Barrett, Anne Daly 1 Jun 2015
Pemulwuy Plaque unveiling at National Museum of Australia – speech by Russell Taylor Russell Taylor 20 Mar 2015
History and Native Title: The making of a community asset - Presentation Dr Michael Bennett 24 Feb 2015
Developing the North: who benefits and who bears cost? A case study from the Gulf Country Jacky Green, Dr Seán Kerins 20 Feb 2015
Cultural strength - restoring the place of Indigenous knowledge in practice and policy Prof Gerald Taiaiake Alfred 11 Feb 2015
Indigenous governance award and toolkit Robynne Quiggin, Phoebe Dent 30 Jul 2014
Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre pathways Murray Coates 30 Jul 2014
Training and tools to support native title governance development Philippa Pryor 30 Jul 2014
Indigenous governance development forum presentation Geoff Richardson 30 Jul 2014
Ground up: Indigenous governance and leadership development project Matthew Campbell 29 Jul 2014
Empowered community: Cape York narrative Zoe Ellerman 29 Jul 2014
Indigenous governance development presentation Dr Miriam Jorgensen 29 Jul 2014
Indigenous governance development: Exchanging initiatives and issues Prof Daryle Rigney 29 Jul 2014
Changing the conversation: Rediscovering Indigenous government Prof Larissa Behrendt, Dr Miriam Jorgensen, Prof Stephen Cornell, Dr Mark McMillan, Dr Alison Vivian 29 Jul 2014
Emerging issues in Indigenous land and sea management (Part 1) Dr Dermot Smyth, Dr Rod Kennett, Chrissy Grant 4 Jun 2014
Native Title, what Native Title? A case study from Wiluna, Western Australia Lindsey Langford, Rob Thomas, Ian Kealley, Victor Ashwin 4 Jun 2014
Mine over matter: Recent mining agreements and job outcomes in the remote top end Matthew Punch 4 Jun 2014
Addressing charity registration for Indigenous charities Victor Lovett, Caitlin Patterson 4 Jun 2014
FPIC ICMM and CSR: Alphabet soup or sea change Matthew Storey 4 Jun 2014
Action research in the bush: The story of the Wiluna Regional Partnership Agreement Martu Attitudinal Survey and how one mining company responded Maggie Walter, Regina Newland, Stacey Pettersen, Dr Paula Joyce 4 Jun 2014
Emerging issues in Indigenous land and sea management (Part 2) Dr Dermot Smyth, Dr Rod Kennett 4 Jun 2014
Browse and Gladstone Liquified Natural Gas: Two Very Different Native Title Act Negotiations Lily O'Neill 4 Jun 2014
Recent developments: Pleadings, limited trials and extinguishment principles Michael Meegan, Robert Blowes 4 Jun 2014
Addressing legal issues for Indigenous charities Annie Keely, Victor Lovett 4 Jun 2014
Hearing claims of grievance: The Aotearoa - New Zealand experience with the Waitangi Tribunal, Where to now? Judge Craig Coxhead 4 Jun 2014
ILC role in Land Justice: Native Title benefits beyond recognitioN Alison Page, Graham Atkinson 4 Jun 2014
Charactering Native Title Rights: A desert rose by any other name is still a rose Justice Melissa Perry 4 Jun 2014
Native Title Corporations: New legal entities Angus Frith 4 Jun 2014
Treaty of Waitangi v Native Title: Comparative outcomes? Huia Woods-Smith 4 Jun 2014
Arakwal Native Title Settlement: 13 Years and Still Going Strong, Politics and the Use of Freehold Transfer in the Settlement of Native Title Adam McLean 4 Jun 2014
Indigenous Partnerships in The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) Liz Wren, Paul Cochran 4 Jun 2014
Life giving corporations to support community Michael Meegan, Michael Prince 4 Jun 2014
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Australia Rhonda Jacobsen 4 Jun 2014
The Handover Peo Ahmat, Charlotte Tamwoy, Manuel Nomoa 4 Jun 2014
Kapi Palya Kanyintjaku: Protecting significant water places in our Country Karina Lester, Dr Tom Jenkin 4 Jun 2014
SENTMENA: A proposal for improving outcomes from the RTN Process in the South-East Ross Mackay 4 Jun 2014
Commercial developments on Aboriginal Lands Shayne Daley, The Hon. Don Ryan QC, Geoff Clark 4 Jun 2014
Section 47A claim to Native Title revival Richard Bradshaw 3 Jun 2014
The Transparency of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage legislation in the context of Water: ‘Aboriginal object’ or not Courtney Smith, Alison Wilckens 3 Jun 2014
Heal the land heal the people David Collard 3 Jun 2014
Gas petroleum agreements in South Australia Stephen Kenny, Sharon Lucas 3 Jun 2014
Lacking the ‘Mabo Wonder’ But Still Striving for It: The Hard Struggles for Indigenous Self-Government and Land Rights in Taiwan Dr Wen-Chi Kung 3 Jun 2014
Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) resource hubs Leah Cameron, Dewayne Mundraby 3 Jun 2014
Stolen Generations: Why can’t we get our stolen lands back? Dawn Brown 3 Jun 2014
The Gumbaynggirr Native Title claims Sylvie Ellsmore, Gary Williams 3 Jun 2014
Developing good governance in north-west Victoria Darren Perry, Jill Webb 3 Jun 2014
Anthropologists, claimants, anthropology and evidence within the Native Title process: Gumbaynggirr case study Simon Correy, Larry Kelly, Mr Jitendra Kumarage, Gary Williams 3 Jun 2014
Fair carbon for carbon farmers Rowan Foley 3 Jun 2014
Using Native Title to address Quandamooka disadvantage while limiting Government assistance dependency and involvement Dr Valerie Cooms, Cameron Costello 3 Jun 2014
Rebuilding ourselves Noeleen Dempsey, Nicole Courtman 3 Jun 2014
Anthropologists, claimants, anthropology and evidence within the Native Title process: Gumbaynggirr case study Simon Correy, Larry Kelly, Mr Jitendra Kumarage, Gary Williams 3 Jun 2014
Indigenous carbon projects and land tenure Jeremy Dore 3 Jun 2014
Too VIP To be Overlooked: ILUAs as Protected Area Joint Management, Compared to Everything Else Joann Schmider 3 Jun 2014
Native Title inquiry: Connection, authorisation and joinder Lee Godden 3 Jun 2014
Getting to consent: Claimant group experience of the Native Title process and beyond William Drew-Murphy, Tori Edwards 3 Jun 2014
Native Title and Carbon: Experience from the North Kimberley fire abatement project Polly Grace, Chloe Nulgitt 3 Jun 2014
Support post ILUA implementation Des Mongoo 3 Jun 2014
The known and unknown scope of Native Title Act s 211 John Waters 3 Jun 2014
Power to the people: Decision making and empowering the claim group David Saylor, Dale Gertz 3 Jun 2014
Environmental and Native Title legislative intersects: Is there scope to create benefit for Traditional Owners Melissa George 3 Jun 2014
Native Title and learning in communities: What’s film got to do with it? Stephen Goldsmith, Karina Lester, Deane Fergie, Caro MacDonald 3 Jun 2014
Open space facilitation: How can we work better together so that decisions are meaningful and agreements stick? Toni Bauman, Brendan McKeague 3 Jun 2014
Research strategies for large claims: a NSW perspective James Rose 2 Jun 2014
Pathways to working in Native Title Dave Johnston, Robert Williams, Dr Valerie Cooms 2 Jun 2014
Our Projects, our way: Strong and flexible governance arrangements for community benefit programs from land use agreements Noel Heenan, Janelle Trotman 2 Jun 2014
Native Title and Negotiating for the Economic Future of Our Communities Brian Wyatt 2 Jun 2014
A narrative of Native Title reports Dr Michael O’Kane, Katrina Hodgson 2 Jun 2014
Return of research materials process Nora Cooke, Olivia Norris 2 Jun 2014
Negotiating with miners: Pilbara experiences Roma Butcher, Cath McLeish 2 Jun 2014
Land ownership among Aboriginal communities in NSW 1788 to 1950 Michael Bennet, Sonia Hughes 2 Jun 2014
Show us the Map Julie-Ann Stoll, Stephen Edwards 2 Jun 2014
The Victorian approach: Native Title and development planning Christy Hawker, David Lucas 2 Jun 2014
Evidence for Native Title compensation claims Michael Pagsanjan 2 Jun 2014
Risk management planning: Challenges and opportunities Dr Nigel Graves 2 Jun 2014
Native Title authorisation: Practice and procedure Tim Wishart, Jacki Cole 2 Jun 2014
Building cultural strength: Rethinking Native Title compensation and settlement Dr Lisa Strelein 2 Jun 2014
Open for business: Introducing the federation of Victorian traditional owner corporations Janine Coombs 2 Jun 2014
Evidence in chief in Native Title proceeding: Lessons learned Laura Garland 2 Jun 2014
Compensation or restitution for loss of Native Title Greg McIntyre 2 Jun 2014
Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Sea and Land Council Ned David 2 Jun 2014
Military orders Martin Dore 2 Jun 2014
Jointly managing the Yawuru conservation estate Debra Pigram, Dean Matthews, Luke Puertollano, Julie Melbourne 2 Jun 2014
An Assembly of First Nations and a Treaty Tony McAvoy SC 2 Jun 2014
Conceptualising a Yawuru wellbeing framework 16 Apr 2014
Land learning and identity toward a deeper understanding of Indigenous learning on Country. Alexandra Muir 14 Apr 2014
The Race Bind. Explaining the Resistance to Constitutional Recognition Maggie Walter 28 Mar 2014
Being there: Why is fly in fly out research failing remote Aboriginal Australians Dr Jan Teagle Kapetas 28 Mar 2014
Policy influences affecting the food practices of Aboriginal Australians since colonisation Tarunna Sebastian 28 Mar 2014
Looking and talking about Research Tauri Simone 28 Mar 2014
Research Data Management Policy Ingrid Mason 28 Mar 2014
Taking Intercommunalism Seriously: Black Power, Indigeneity, and Peoples’ Struggles for Recognition and Anti-Racist democracy Prof James Lance Taylor 28 Mar 2014
Transformative research and knowledge translation to improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing Tammy Abbott 28 Mar 2014
Caring for Country, an Indigenous propitious niche in 21st century Australia Dr Dermot Smyth 28 Mar 2014
Alternative dissemination - How should we share our research Associate Prof Sandy O’Sullivan 28 Mar 2014
Understanding the barriers to a sustainable Indigenous tourism sector Dr Lisa Ruhanen, Dr Michelle Whitford, Dr Char-Lee McLennan 28 Mar 2014
Challenging current understandings about the introduction of gambling to remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia Marisa Fogarty 27 Mar 2014
Breaking through barriers in Australian Indigenous Studies Prof Martin Nakata 27 Mar 2014
Culturally mediated screening in Indigenous primary health care Dr Ray Lovett 27 Mar 2014
Money, culture and financial wellbeing in remote Indigenous Australia Vinita Godinho 27 Mar 2014
Voice and Agency. The promise of process for Indigenous Agency Dr Annie Kennedy, Dr Janet Hunt, Danielle Campbell 27 Mar 2014
Indigenous policy perceptions. An analysis of parliamentary Hansard from 1961 to 2012 Juliet Checketts 27 Mar 2014
Program of data linkage and data improvement at the AIHW to enhance Indigenous identification in key data sets Tetteh Dugbaza, Brendan Scott, Deanne Johnson 27 Mar 2014
Building research capacity and achieving positive impacts in remote communities Appoline Kohen 27 Mar 2014
Looking beyond historical museum frameworks to reveal the knowledge, history, stories and personal identities. Rosemary Wrench 27 Mar 2014
Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Cairns QLD Cheryl Creed 27 Mar 2014
The birds and the bees. Issues translating an Aboriginal song text from north-west Australia Dr Michael Walsh 27 Mar 2014
Young Indigenous student achievements in mathematics Prof Elizabeth Warren, Eva DeVries, Jodie Miller, Danielle Armour 27 Mar 2014
Australian Aboriginal tourism an opportunity but keep the culture intact Dennis Foley 27 Mar 2014
Winnunga 1988 to 2014. Breaking the Barriers in Aboriginal Research and Services Julie Tongs (OAM) 27 Mar 2014
Languages and education. National curriculum Jakelin Troy, Dr Doug Marmion, Dr Michael Walsh 27 Mar 2014
Means to ends integration for stakeholder engagement Prof Anita Lee Hong, Larissa Melanie, Dr Deb Duthie, Dr Odette Best 27 Mar 2014
Indigenous Studies in the First World: Contested Territory, Cultural Entrapment and Race in the 21st Century Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson 26 Mar 2014
Listen now our words matter Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Samantha Faulkner, Lisa Fuller 26 Mar 2014
Cultural identity and wellbeing for Maori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians Carla Houkamau 26 Mar 2014
50 years who owns it 26 Mar 2014
Building relationships between non-Aboriginal and Nyoongar peoples Margaret O'Connell 26 Mar 2014
Mobilising Indigenous human rights the UNPFII and the roles of Australian Indigenous Sarah Holcombe 26 Mar 2014
Transcending barriers. A trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary perspective of place Andrew Turk 26 Mar 2014
The successful transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education Judith Wilks 26 Mar 2014
Cultural immersion the key to the next 50 years Cathie Burgess, Dr Paddy Cavanagh 26 Mar 2014
Evidence and influence Jessica McGowan, Deepa Gajjar 26 Mar 2014
The 50 year itch – Is indigenous studies still irritating? Prof Linda Tuhiwai Smith 26 Mar 2014
The Smoke Ring. Smoking among Indigenous Australians Raglan Maddox, Chanel Webb, Perri Chapman 26 Mar 2014
A personal journey with Aboriginal studies WH (Bill) Edwards 26 Mar 2014
Experiences of institutional racism in the health sector. Scott Avery 26 Mar 2014
Mandating Indigenous education. Tensions and transformations Cathie Burgess, Katrina Thorpe 26 Mar 2014
The Health Performance Framework report Tracy Dixon 26 Mar 2014
Living with native title. An overview of the experiences of native title corporations Joe Mowandi (Joseph) Edgar, Claire Stacey, Geoff Buchanan 26 Mar 2014
Achieving information equity for native title holders Pamela Faye McGrath 26 Mar 2014
50 years creating genuine research partnerships for Aboriginal health Associate Prof Roz Walker, Dr Clair Scrine 26 Mar 2014
Research Methodology. Consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males Dr Michael (Mick) Adams 26 Mar 2014
Difficult dialogues in the discomfort zone. The roles of indigenous and non-indigenous people teaching indigenous studies in universities Dr Chelsea Bond, Dr Katelyn Barney, Associate Prof Susan Page, Associate Prof Sandy O’Sullivan 26 Mar 2014
Caring for country an Indigenous propitious niche in 21st century Australia Dr Dermot Smyth 26 Mar 2014
Gambling in Indigenous communities. Engagement, consultation and assessment Sue Bertossa, Alwin Chong, Josh Wilson, Peter Harvey 26 Mar 2014
Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Cairns QLD Tommy Pau Robert (Tommy) Pau 26 Mar 2014
Thinking Indigenous economy. A brief survey from 1964 to 2014 Jon Altman 25 Mar 2014
Beyond decolonising social justice embracing complexity at the knowledge interface Gabrielle Russell-Mundine, Graeme Mundine 25 Mar 2014
Closing the gap in mental health outcomes do socioeconomic conditions matter? Carrington Shepherd 25 Mar 2014
Research Review on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge for Environmental Management Dr Benxiang Zeng, Christine Schlesinger, Rolf Gerritsen 25 Mar 2014
Culture makes you stronger Aboriginal womens voices from the NSW South Coast Marlene Longbottom 25 Mar 2014
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AIATSIS National Indigenous Studies Conference. Program of presentations 18 Mar 2014
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First Australians, law and the High Court Justice The Hon. Michael Kirby AC, CMG 11 Jun 2010
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