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Notebook 1

Volume #1
Page #0
Loose page in front of notebook

Thursday 5 Dec 1929
From A. M. Fernando
To D Jones Esq
Most Honered Sir
I am still in the Land of the Living & that's about all.
I am enclosing a daily Diary of my time, Beliving that it will give you a better in sight to the Situation of a blackman in England. I hope you will be abel to understand it. Beliving yourself & Mrs Jones is in the best of health, & had a good harvest. Wishing you & Mrs every thing of the very Best Greatfully thanking you for the many fold unselfish kindnesses I beg to remain your Humbel & Faithfull servent
A.M. Fernando

Volume #1
Page #1

Saturday October 26 1929
Barking Brodway [poss Broadway, in Barking, near East Ham]
Go to your country
Bk Bastard
East Ham
wash your face
Upton Park wash
your face dirty Sod
Laytonstone [Leytonstone]
Don’t buy of him
I will buy of a
Stratford. Boycot
Whiteman on [line?]
Whitechapel waist too Late

Volume #1
Page #2

Sunday 27-10-29
Middsex St Jews & P.C. Hosteil
Lambeth Walk [sth of Waterloo] much
Shiriking V. Bad
Mild End Waist mootchers
Women & men Insolent. [Threat]
Go to your country you Bck Bstd
We got to keep you & Such
Salvation Army Pointedley
(many time) not [necasry/necessary?]
to be at the meeting, & also
how benevolent. Th S Army
I spoke to every one of the
officers & men about my
piss soaked bed the[y]
promised but left it
as it was.
I cannot help thinking the[y]
are hunting me [unclear].

Volume #1
Page #3

Monday 28-10-29
Watney Street & Hasel&
Wentworth St. Rain V.V. Bad
High St Whitechapel P.C. Hunted
Samboo Be off. (it was Rain
Salvation Armys –
The Drunked Harbour
Scoundrels Home
Scamps Club
Morality & Justice [Gaolers]
Filth in adoration
Lice in profusion
Huming & Buming
Buming & Huming
Murdering & Plundering
Plundering & Slaughtering
is the s[c]heeming and
Greed of England

Volume #1
Page #4

Tuesday 29-10-29
Hauxton [Hoxton]. Much Boycot
Why don’t you go to India
not come here to do a whiteman
Wentworth St. A Jews
her children wanted the toys
wer [sulking?]. I [?]rew not off the
Black Sod.
Corner of Wentworth & Goulston
street. I was pelted with a
rotten pair [pear]. P.C. Inspector&
a Policeman Saw the pair
laying on the Ground, and
apeard to be amused with
the stall oposite Godine [goading?] I
suspect for they wer selling
that same sort of pears
Once beg[?] a small new
unclear]. Maxwell the Jew
many times & also persistent Boycot

Volume #1
Page #5

Wednesday 30-10-29
Burdet Rd much boycott
Hostiel Shop women & Stall [hold?]
P.C. kept a continual Watch.
Whitechapel Waist Saw JS30
he looked Vishes [vicious?], after he
passed 2 [unclear] P.C.s Looked
Strangely. I kept on walking
up & down.
Wentworth street Jews
Tray Wender [vendor?] told me to go
to my country. not come
to England & take there
Bread away.
& he also spoke like [unclear]
to a white English woman
that work for Jews & sell
toys for herself [throug?] the

Volume #1
Page #6

Thursday 1-10-29
Bridge St Market Battersea
is under repair.
I was subject to much
shiriking & told by women
& men pasing get off
Black thing.
Trams would not stop
went pass Laughing
I was boycotted by the passer’s
by walking along the Road
told a woman & chiled [child?]
who was buying toys off me
& the[y] did not buy.
Southhawk [Southwark] becaus a Woman
with a chiel baught toys
of me. Some men said she
will sleep with him to
night. There was a Toyshop
littel way from me.

Volume #1
Page #7

Friday 2nd 11-29
Roman Rd not off him. Bk Bd
Buss would not Stop.
Go to your country.
Wentworth St & Mile End Waist [West?]
Jews [Bet?] Gentiel’s & the Jews
wer pleasd. they take me for
an Arab. Many said I should be
The white pincpel [principal?] is to in
conveneance [inconvenience] a black man
at all time & the croweded
will suport & the Law of
England’s Back’s them

Volume #1
Page #8

Saturday 3-11-29
[Wallen?] Green North End Rd [poss North End Rd going into Hampstead Heath?]
Very slow, on the tram
Charley white, goto
your Country, you
would be Killing your
selves, we got to keep
the likes of you

Volume #1
Page #9

Sunday 4-11-29
Watney St Slow a Jew felt my
bum & I tackeld him, But the
Rest of the Jew’s & Whites wer up
against me. & alo Wentworth St
Salvation Army & its [moths?]

Volume #1
Page #10

Monday 5-11-29
Burdet Rd Not 1 Penny.
Wells St Sevear Boycot.
A white man came by me
& Sold things 1/2 dearear. he
did a good Trade.
Wentworth St I was [unclear]
But hardly any Trade.
Filth is adoration
Lice in prostuition
White mans adolation
no matter where you
sit or look lise [lice]
crawlel [crawl] on you&
the smell of flirth
every where.

Volume #1
Page #11

Tuesday 6-11-20
Sexten St Market. Tottenham
Court Rd. Police husteled me
but not others. (White)
High St Camden Town
Police husteled me&
then told me I cannot
stop in that market,&
I am not allowed.
Salvation Lodge
A white man is in
the habit of pissing his
bed I have recquested
to have my bed changed
for it run under my
bed and has soaked my
cloths & my mattress
is exchanged for his
but no heed has been
taken from every
[the rest is unclear]


AIATSIS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, culture and community.

We pay our respects to elders past and present.

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